Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Luckymirai Blog,Wednesday Poll, Feb.04

Photo : Shibuya, Tokyo

I read this poll from Makeup & Beauty Blog and I like these kind of posts. So I am copying it and if you have the time pls. share yours... :)

Mood: Happy

Craving : Ramen

Outfit: Hello Kitty Outerwear :)

Nail polish: 2nite by China Glaze.. very pretty colour !

Makeup or beauty confession: My natural hair is showing and I badly need a haircut and straightening. I already made an appointment and made a reservation on Saturday:)

People say I look like : mostly local stars from here like Seto Asaka,Mizuki Alisa

Body lotion: Sakura or Japanese Cherry Blossom by The Bodyshop

Cheeks and Lips: Mac Mineralized blush in Gleeful, Peachstock by Mac

Fragrance: With Love

Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of - Energy and Patience.

Favorite snack: Choco Pie by Lotte ( I think I ate the whole box ! 6pcs. YIKES ! )

Weekly goals: Not to spend too much time on the internet,update my blog more often, watch the tv shows I recorded, save and control myself from shopping stuffs that I really don't need. I guess that's it for now.there's too much..LOL.

What’s up my lovelies ?! Let me know how you’re doing these days. Just copy the empty list and then paste it with your answers in the comments.

Nail polish:
Makeup or beauty confession:
People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here):
Body lotion:
Cheeks and Lips:
Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ .
Favorite snack:
Weekly goals


  1. Yay this is fun!!

    Mood: Distracted! (I'm meant to be packing yet here I am lol!)
    Craving: McDonalds chips with curry sauce!
    Outfit: A dressing gown cos I'm covered in tan!
    Fragrance: YSL Baby Doll
    Nail polish: None yet as I need to paint them black!
    Makeup or beauty confession: I haven't washed my hair for 4 days :-s
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Lots of Bollywood people I have never heard of!
    Body lotion: St Tropez Moisturiser at la moment!
    Cheeks and Lips: YSL Lipgloss in Golden & Chanel No.70 Incognito blusher
    Today, I’m hoping for: A good dose of sun to melt the left over snow! Other wise I will be delayed at the airport! :(
    Favorite snack: Crisps... I could eat them ALL day!
    Weekly goals: To write so hit songs in Norway!

    Hope your doing alright chick!! Loved your singing vids!! x x x

  2. Mood: stresses (writing essays for finals)

    Craving: spicy tuna sushi

    Outfit: seven jeans and a forever 21 top

    Fragrance: chance chanel

    Nail polish: opi ink

    Makeup or beauty confession: I have an obsession with purple eyeshadow looks

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): piper perabo (from coyote ugly)

    Body lotion: winter candy apple from bath and body works

    Cheeks and Lips: nars orgasm cheeks and 1N lips (nude color)
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . sleep!

    Favorite snack: collon (japanese cream filled snack)
    Weekly goals: to get through ithe week!

    Have a good vacation!!

  3. Mood: Tired, stressed, curious
    Craving: Italian pasta
    Outfit: Underwear and Yokohama t-shirt
    Fragrance: Eau de Cartier
    Nail polish: China Glaze (forgot the color, haha)
    Makeup or beauty confession: Been spending a lot of money on makeup lately, hahaha. Oops!
    People say I look like: Gong Li
    Body Lotion: Currently, I'm using the Jergens Natural Glow self-tanner. Great stuff.
    Cheeks and Lips: My cheeks are bare, but I have Aveeno chapstick on.
    Today, I'm hoping for a good dose of ____. DETERMINATION!
    Favorite snack: Strawberries ... and, Green Tea ice cream :)
    Weekly goals: Get all my schoolwork done before the weekend!

  4. Hi.

    Mood: Less organized than i should be right now.
    Craving: Sweets!
    Outfit: Casual top + jeans
    Fragrance: Snoopy Body Splash
    Nail polish: I'm just putting on new nail polish : )
    Makeup or beauty confession: (That's nothing new, but hey : ) ) I looooove lip products : )
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): I really don't know .....
    Body lotion: Yves Rocher new body lotion
    Cheeks and Lips: Cheeks- nothing, lips- Carmex and Maybelline lipgloss in red
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of sleep.
    Favorite snack: of the moment- jelly beans
    Weekly goals- get more organized, cause I really should : )

    Have a great day : )


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