Monday, December 29, 2008

Must have Body Lotions for Winter !

I always always apply lotion to my whole body and it is also a must to use a good moisturizer esp.during winter season, as we tend to get dry skin.
So here's a few of my favorite Body Lotions from The Body Shop.

* Cocoa Butter Body Butter - I love this lotion. It smells so good and my Dh always compliment me. A rich, indulgent, chocolate-scented cream that moisturizes and softens for up to 24 hours.

* Mango Butter Body Butter - this smells so delicious, like I want to taste it..LOL. It's excellent,leaves your skin so soft and smooth 24 hrs.

* Shea Butter Body Butter - I always stock up on this lotion. I love the mild scent and the intensive moisture of this cream. Definitely a must have !!!

So these are some of the products I use to make my skin softer and smoother. I also like The Body Shop because they don't test on animals and that's a big thing for me.
Some of the Body Lotions that I love are from Loccitane,Lush and just recently I discovered Palmers Body Lotion and it works great as well PLUS it is cheap.

I am searching for reviews on Victoria's Secret because I want to try their products.

How about you,What's your must have body lotions ?

My first post !

Konichiwa !
That means Hello in Japan. I want to welcome everyone for stopping by on my blog. This is my first post and I don't want to disappoint you if you can't find any post or picture here. LOL.
So here is one of my latest purchases and tomorrow I will be adding more pictures and reviews.

A girl should always carry a hand cream and this is what I found at the store yesterday. It's a new one from Atrix, Beauty Charge Hand Cream Botanical Collagen C Ginseng Extract. I love how the smoothness and softness of this product makes my hands PLUS I am obsess with Collagen this is just my latest fave hand cream at the moment !

How about you, What is your favorite Hand Cream ?