Friday, May 15, 2009

Japanese Nail Arts !

I was inspired by lollipop26 to take some pictures of Japanese press on nails I found at 100 yen store today and gave me the reason to update my blog...hehehe =)
Some of the press on nails are new designs for summer and cost ¥315 each. It is affordable and amazing for the price !

Here's the snap photos taken from my cellphone.

I can't remember the last time I used press on nails as I got hooked receiving Nail art in my favorite Nail Salon.But now that I'm a mommy to a 1 yr. old boy, my nails are always short and I'm getting I would paint my own nails & find ways to decorate them.

My nails painted with The Face Shop's( Korean brand ) Neon Pink & Canmake ( Japanese brand )Nail glitter.Top coat I used is from Seche Vite.
I hope this manicure will stay for 1 week.I am loving this color:)


  1. OMG so so so pretty!! i wish i lived in japan, the selection of press-on nails and all nail art stuff in ireland is so bad! :( :(

    beautiful nails, really pretty colour!! :)

    i just started my own blog, would love you to check it out and let me know what you think! :) love your blog! x

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  3. That nail color is so pretty :)

    I wish I was in JP I would go crazy LOL

  4. wow I looooooooooooove that colour it's like a pink bubble gum shade......
    I just did a review on my blog Rimmel London's new nail varnish in colour azure - blue...come by and letme know what you think ;)

  5. These look pretty good for press on nails. My first and last experience with press ons was disasterous!!lol Thanks for following my blog :) xxNadia

  6. I love nails.. and those pics ar eheaven for me!! GReat blog!

  7. I love your blog:) and the nail colour is amazing!!! Nail are my current biggest obsession:) Watashiwa chyoto Nihongo go shaberu.Osakani sundeimashita:) Nihon ni kairitai!!!! I hope you can understand at least som of my poor Japanese (this keybord woudl not let me type in Hiragana nor Katakana not to mention Kanji).

  8. @Moni, thanks for reading my blog. Yes I understand your Japanese.. Hajimameshite Moni. Mata Nihon ni kite ne.

  9. i love the face shop nails color too
    and also jap. 100 yen store
    =) yes im asain! =D

  10. This is awesome because I like so much the Asian style, I'M so vain for that reason I was astonished seeing that it's perfect.


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