Monday, December 29, 2008

Must have Body Lotions for Winter !

I always always apply lotion to my whole body and it is also a must to use a good moisturizer esp.during winter season, as we tend to get dry skin.
So here's a few of my favorite Body Lotions from The Body Shop.

* Cocoa Butter Body Butter - I love this lotion. It smells so good and my Dh always compliment me. A rich, indulgent, chocolate-scented cream that moisturizes and softens for up to 24 hours.

* Mango Butter Body Butter - this smells so delicious, like I want to taste it..LOL. It's excellent,leaves your skin so soft and smooth 24 hrs.

* Shea Butter Body Butter - I always stock up on this lotion. I love the mild scent and the intensive moisture of this cream. Definitely a must have !!!

So these are some of the products I use to make my skin softer and smoother. I also like The Body Shop because they don't test on animals and that's a big thing for me.
Some of the Body Lotions that I love are from Loccitane,Lush and just recently I discovered Palmers Body Lotion and it works great as well PLUS it is cheap.

I am searching for reviews on Victoria's Secret because I want to try their products.

How about you,What's your must have body lotions ?


  1. i absolutely love the body butter! my sister had gotten them for me a few years ago....LOVE!!! But right now I'm using Victoria's Secret double body mist and St Ive's Mineral Therapy....I use the VS in the morning (i spray it on and rub it in even though it doesn't say to do that) and the St Ive's at night. :)

  2. Hi Sara, where do you purchase VS ?

  3. hi, i love body butter from the bodyshop. ive been using this for a lot of years now and i love the olive.

  4. Those are really perfect body lotions for winters...

  5. Oh I love Body Shop!!! I use their cocoa butter all the way through my pregnancy with my son! Whenever I smell it now it reminds me of that time!


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