Friday, January 2, 2009

Have you heard of Schwarzkopf Hair treatments ?

I know it is difficult to pronounce the name of the brand. But this is my favorite hair treatment product that especially cares for my hair that has been exposed from so many chemicals due to hair straightening,dyeing and heat from hair dryer.
I use it everyday when my hair is still damp and I just apply it thoroughly to the ends of my hair.
It will definitely make your hair healthy,
soft,silky, shiny and damage free. I used to visit the salon once or twice a month to received hair treatment services. But when I discovered this wonderful product I realize I don't have to spend so many "Yens " to my expensive beauty salon. Schwarzkopf BC KUR Hair Advancement definitely works !

Do you have a special hair product that really works ?


  1. hmmm I have been looking for something good for my hair...can I get this in the US??

  2. Hi Sara !
    this is an imported product and I'm sure you can find it at some stores in the US. If you can't find it anywhere..let me know.

  3. The bottle is really pretty! I still luv to use my Joico KPak I think it's the smell that has had me hooked since forever :)

  4. When having your hair treatment, visit only certified salon to make sure of great results. Do not go cheap on your hair if you want a perfect shiny hair.


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