Sunday, January 18, 2009

YAY or NAY#1

$$$ What's Hot and What's Not $$$

<<< YAY >>>

1.Lady Gaga - everything about her is HOT !

2.The Current Custom - #17 Most Subscribed this week on YT.
Congrats Lorraine!

3.YSL cosmetics - IMHO, the price is worth it.

4.Shiseido Elixir Skincare - will be posting about this lovely product tom.

5.Manchester United lead player Christian Ronaldo - OMG ! Gorgeous body.

6.Essie Spring 2009 Collection

7.Charice Pempengco - singing at Pres.Obama's Inaguaration Day - YAY Charice !

<<< NAY>>>

1.AI Sanjaya's Debut Album - I'm sorry I'm not a fan.

2.More bombings at Gaza

3.Global Crisis

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