Tuesday, January 20, 2009

China Glaze Haul & 3 of my current favourites part 1

Presenting my China Glaze purchases from 8ty8

From left to right - Tempest,Ruby Pumps, In awe of amber, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat,Frostbite,For Audrey,Recycle


From left to right - Outta bounds, VIII,2nite,Sexy in the City, Emerald Sparkle.

I had a great deal and I am satisfied with their quick shipping and services.I definitely recommend you to try ordering from their website.
Mind you, China Glaze is ridiculously expensive here and a bottle of China glaze is around $16.00.

These are 3 of my favourite nail polish from the 12 bottles I purchased.
From left to right - Recycle, Sexy in the City, 2nite.

Swatches :


* China Glaze Recycle


thumb - VIII - index - 2nite - middle - Tempest -ring - Outta bounds - pinky - In awe of amber

thumb - Recycle - index - frostbite - middle - For Audrey - ring - Ruby Pumps - pinky - Sexy in the city.

Nail Sticker ( purchased here and it's Made in Japan )that is very pretty.

Here's the price list of nail polishes in Japan. See how pricey they are !

OPI Nail Lacquers - $22.00
China Glaze - $16.00
Essie - $19.00
Mavala - $8.00
Orly - $14.00
Seche Vite Top Coat - $21.00
Opi Top Coat - $ 21.00
LA Nail EzFlow - $.19.00

I can't wait to make another purchase and next time I will be ordering a few OPI nail lacquers ( one of my fave nail polish brand ) as well. How about you, What is your favourite nail varnish brand and your favourite colour at the moment ? Any recommendations ?


  1. Pretty colors! I went and looked at China Glaze colors and they didn't look this pretty! I really want Emerald Sparkle and recycle! <333

  2. @lorraine,Emerald Sparkle is very pretty and Recycle is my number one fave from the 12 bottles.I can't wait to see your purchases from CG.

  3. Oh wow what a collection!! That grey colour is gorgeous - so unusual. I must get that one, also those nail stickers are just gorgeous - wish I could get hold of some here!! Thanks for sharing. Oh and by the way I also wish Shania Twain had some songs out now - what a great singer and our wedding song still sends shivers through me!!

  4. all those colors look gorgeous!

    My favourite color at the moment is OPI's quarter of a cent cherry which is a gorgeous red and the lifeguard makes me blush which is a pink with blueish irridesence.

  5. @jesse,thanks for stopping by.I'm going to check those nail varnishes.I'm still thinking if I want to make another purchase or should I just wait until they sell out their Spring collection next month.hhmmnnn.. ????

  6. I love those nail stickers! They look great!!

  7. OH MY GOD i absolutly love those nail stickers i wish they had nice ones like that in the USA.


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