Thursday, January 8, 2009

I call this my PHAT nail polish !

So Laque Rogue Escarpin
(Matt Red )

Like Pink nail polishes, Reds are my favorites too. The color just gives you an instant energy and you always feel sexy ! This is my nail polish at the moment and I used Bourjois So Laque Enamel Rogue Escarpin. The color is so rich and it dries up pretty quick. So Laque is also enhanced with vinyl that makes this high shine and ultra glossy.

I just wish Bourjois nail polishes would cut down on their prices. This bottle is ¥1,050 and that is around $11.00 in the US. Can you recommend a good site for nail polishes besides 8ty8,head2toe and transdesign for me ?

* Oh and for those of you who doesn't know the meaning of Phat - Pretty Hot and Tempting :)


  1. Lovely colour on you, I adore red polish as well!

  2. thanks for dropping by..i know that youre favorite is Double Decker from Opi right..)

  3. Hi there, I just found your blog and am enjoying it! Come and have a look at mine, All made up, chat soon x

  4. Great blog - bourjois varnishes are really good - I think they are much cheaper in the UK! XXX

  5. you have really nice nails!!! mine are stubby as hell LOL

  6. Hi! Thanks for following my blog. You are my first follower. I got the layout for by blog on cutest blog on the block. Check it out, they have a whole bunch of layouts! xoxo =]


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